Inferno / Divine Comedy
National Theatre Maria Guerrero, Madrid 2005

Writer: Dante Alighieri 
Director: Tomaz Pandur

In the scenography for "Inferno", we expanded our experimental concept Numen Light into a large-scale supernatural architectural set for a theatre play - one suitably thematising a virtual location in the Afterlife.  

Within theatrical jargon a syntagm fourth wall stands for the imaginary, fictive partition between the actor and the audience - in "Inferno" this immaterial theatrical concept is finally materialised. Spy-glass mirror acting as the front wall of the cube, separates the encapsulated stage from the voyeurist audience, which the actors now cannot see, facing instead their own multiplied image. Microphones were used to ensure sound transference throughout the entire performance.





Constructing the stage within a period of three weeks, during which the theatre remained completely closed.




Model M 1:20