Centro Dramatico Nacional / Valle-Inclan, Madrid 2014

Writer: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Director: Tomaz Pandur

The idea proposes 3 large sculptural plywood walls, 2 of which have a possibility to Rotate around a fixed rotation axis. The third element is initially hooked to the floor and hanged from the fly system, before being lowered on its hidden side-wheels.
The main image and metaphor in this concept is the strong architectural Diagonal which crosses the entire span of the stage, underlining Faust’s intellectual strife and inner dynamic towards transcendence. The Diagonal is his arrow to the heavens. In the course of the play the diagonal needs to deconstruct visibly in front of the audience to expose the fragility and instability of metaphysical structures in the face of unpredictable forces.
The orthogonal and cross wall formations open and close sections of the stage creating different realities.
Added to the structural choreography are the projections on the wall surfaces, as well as neon tubes, broken mirror plates, smoke and white gypsum dust - which are here to emphasise the chaos and magic brought about by Faust’s spiritual ambition.