Chair in the Desert
Documentary / PQ 2011

Written and directed by Ivana Jonke 

This film is a documentary about scenographic work by Numen/For Use. It was produced for the Croatian exhibition on Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space 2011 where Numen/For Use won two gold medals, for the Best Scene Design and for the Best Use of Theatre Technology.

Video chapters

Intro 0:00
Concept: dramaturgy of space 3:38
Numen Light 7:02
Divine Comedy / Inferno 10:28
Boat For Dolls 13:08
Kinetics: choreography of objects 15:10
Symphony Of Sorrowful Songs 17:45
Dangerous Liaisons 23:22
Magic: thing-in-itself 27:06
Midsummer Night's Dream 30:48
Circus Destetika 33:55
Metamorphoses 36:53
Tape Installation 38:29