Boat for Dolls
Slovene National Theatre of Drama, Ljubljana 2009

Writer: Milena Markovic
Director: Aleksandar Popovski

In the set design for "Boat for Dolls" identical objects in various scales were arranged into the depth of the stage, resulting in either inverse perspective or in the hypertrophied perspective of the optical illusion.The size relations of the actors and the objects on the stage depict the process of growing up of the central character in the play, so as she grows older the props become increasingly smaller. Various dispositions of white tables within the black theatre box shift the perception angle of the audience, while the more complex compositions serve to evoke specific contexts demanded by the scenario. Starting from the stacked position at the beginning, depicting the birth of the protagonist, basic elements of tables and chairs are rearranged by the actors to serve as walls, floors, stairs, classrooms or trees.