Producer: Prostoria 2017

Trifidae are a family of seats comprising three different armchairs which derive from a single typological and formal origin. Small armchair, high backrest armchair and the enclosing lounge chair all have specific tripartite structure, share similar triangulated forms sprouting from a perceived centre and are characteristically floral in character. When chairs are in use, the tilting of their three main structural segments echoes opening and closing of succulent flower petals. This feature, in combination with their essentially trichotomous nature and star-like shape in perspective view, inspired the botanical title of the series. Although the small armchair differs in size and form from the others, while the high and lounge chair share the same base and armrest, all three are observed as neighbouring species in a progressive lineage. The backrest variations in two larger models result in their fundamentally different character. Enclosing backrest produces an introverted, exclusive, formally expressive silhouette, shielding its user from the immediate context, while the slim, elevated backrest suggests a more sociable, less reserved quality and usage of the chair.

German Desig Award Winner 2019 / Big See Interior Design Award 2018 / Golden Key Award 2018

Photos by Domagoj Kunić and Numen/ForUse