Producer: Prostoria 2014

The Polygon chair is typologically derived from the modernist legacy of the Yugoslav design of the 50s and 60s, but with a contemporary shift towards more complex surfaces and skewed constructive lines.

Excellent Product Design 2015 Winner / German Design Council
Statement of the jury - Polygon is an extraordinary armchair, which arose from the modernist typology of a seat of modest dimensions. It fulfils the functional parameters but with its compact size does not usurp space. Each change in perspective transforms the triangles that define the side view of the armchair into hexagons and other complex polygons. An interesting concept, which subtly plays with perception and is thus never boring. Exciting.

Photos by Vanja Solin and Numen/ForUse



Polygon first version


Inspiration in Yugoslav modernism.


Development of the first version.


Development of the second version.