Producer: Prostoria 2021

Klaster is a flexible system of modular armchairs, comprising simple and minimalist cuboids with rounded horizontal lines and sharp verticals.
It consists of a total of 14 modules; 6 seats, 4 backrests and 4 armrests which can be combined into free-form clusters.
The visual identity of an individual module is not strong but rather neutral, with emphasis placed on clustering and versatility.
Through its intentionally subdued design, Klaster assumes an almost tectonic, architectural quality, which works well with a spectrum of spatial and functional needs.
Specific juncture between the backrest and seat modules enables a button-press transformation into a sofa-bed.
Klaster clusters thus have a wide range of uses  - from basic settees and sofa-beds to polyvalent seating assemblies for both private and public spaces.