Tuft Paris
Palais de Tokyo, Paris 2015.

Unrealised commission for a permanent installation in the basement area of Palais de Tokyo in Paris.
The task was to transform a space where the floor level opens into a vast and largely inaccessible lower landing and turn it into a lounge/relaxation zone where one can completely dislodge from the outside world.

Our solution was to use a soft, supple, translucent tufted fabric flooded with intense light from above, creating an inner landscape which glows bright underwater blue.  Inside, the atmosphere is calm and very abstract.
When observed from a distance the structure looks like a luminous strip of an exotic ocean or a glacier crevasse trapped between slabs of concrete.

To clean up the situation at the entrance we added a staircase, orientated towards the bigger adjacent spaces, and created a platform where people can rest or leave their belongings before entering the blue.