Tube Linz
Sinnesrausch, OK Center for Contemporary Art, Linz, 24. Mai – 13. Oktober 2019

Tube Linz is installed within the extraordinary open steel structure of the “voestalpine open space” - an annex built on the rooftop of OK Centre for Contemporary Art  in 2014, using high-bay warehouse structural systems. Voestalpine open space is 42 meters long, 15 meters wide and 9 meters high and "floats" 25 meters above the ground. It served as a perfect receptacle for the Tube installation, thanks to its sheer size, skeletal makeup, industrial aesthetics and especially to the high-rise position which provides the visitors of the installation with an exhilarating sense of floating above the city. To crawl through the tunnels of Tube Linz induces a dual awareness of both safety and risk, combining a transparent, gentle, woven structure, devoid of any hard angles and surfaces, with unsettling heights/vistas and uncanny spatial sensations.

Photos by Christoph Huber