Tape Des Moines
Des Moines Art Centre, I. M. Pei Building / Drawing in Space, 28.09.2017.-21.01.2018

Tape installation Des Moines, conceived and realized for the exhibition "Drawing in Space", is situated inside the extraordinary space of lower and upper I.M.Pei gallery, a masterpiece of high modernistic architecture at Des Moines Art Centre. Lightness and translucency of the installation are highly accentuated by radical contrast between the structure and the rough, Brutalist concrete surface and expressive geometric composition of the gallery building. Deriving from of such a dominant host, the parasite structure formed an organic representation of actual spatial flux of the building. The inhabitable structure of the installation thus followed the major trajectories of visitors movements, enabling them to move along the usual paths, only in an elevated, enclosed, surreal space of Tape.