String Berlin
aquabitArt Gallery, 01.02.20.-31.03.20, Berlin, Germany

Defined as an autonomous inhabitable social sculpture, String installation is based on a production system of large geometric inflatable objects, an experimental track which the group started with Net Blow Up Installation (multiple layers of flexible netting suspended within an inflated bubble) but this time employing a much riskier material - thin rope- as straining agent/counter brace, instead of safety nets. Both materials gain tension only when the pneumatic bubble achieves adequate/complete solidity. When the structure deflates (exhales), the ropes lay loosely on the ground, enabling the installation to be completely compressed. After inflation (inhale), the ropes tense up to form a perfect orthogonal grid.

Photos by Dinko Verzi



Storage, Hyundai Card, 24.03.-16.07.17., South Korea





aut. architektur und tirol 16.7.-10.10.15., Austria