Net Prostoria
Meštrović Pavilion, Zagreb 25.09.-08.10.21

The Pavilion is an interactive communal sculpture (hammock) made of safety nets and fixed curved steel structure, with the ground-plan size of 14x14m and 4m total height.The concept and execution of the installation in front of the Meštrović Pavilion in central Zagreb was our gift for the 10th birthday of the Croatian furniture manufacturer Prostoria, our collaborator since its year zero.The Pavilion was an exterior part of a large scale exhibition within the Meštrović building which commemorated and displayed a decade of Prostoria production.The steelwork of the installation itself was also produced in Prostoria factory hall. The Net Pavilion is envisaged as an expanded form of public furniture, as it conceptually arose from our Netko outdoor lounge chair, which was itself a by-design of one of our Net-installations. The very dominant crossed lines of the steel construction in sinusoidal motion derive from the pulsating shapes of the interconnected nets, while its point-symmetrical shape provides uniform visual flow from all vantage points within or without the structure.