Field Zagreb
D-Day 15.-17.6.2012

The suspended Field is a spatial project related to our comprehension of nature, its resources and our attitude towards it. The men`s common perception of earth is defined by two paradoxical paradigms, one of earth as immobile mass of infinite weight and other as earth like a plain, two dimensional surface. Growing the field, which is not tied to the ground, but floating on pulsating piece of textile in between closed walls, provokes both of those concepts. The "green" carpet undergoes the entire vegetative cycle, from sprouting to disintegration. The emergence of this artificial, yet live installation, puts the designer in a different context, in a position of a dedicated farmer. In this case, the skills are all about optimization of the density of sowing, the choice of the right sowing culture and determining the precise dosage of the irrigation. This process makes us aware of both the fragility and power of life. From one side, we witness the incredible fact that plants grow out of cloth, and from the other we face the fatal consequences of  insufficient or over irrigation.

The installation was executed in the former slaughterhouse as part of D-Day festival.