Net Milan
Palazzo Clerici, Milan 16.-21.04.24


A line of flight or a line of escape (French: ligne de fuite) is a concept developed by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari in t…

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Tape Chatham
The Historic Dockyard, 16.03.-22.06.23

Constant wrapping of pillars of a conventional historic roof construction with a transparent adhesive tape results in a complex, amorphous surface through the process reminiscent of growing of orga…

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Producer: Prostoria 2024

This chair is an answer to a classic lounge or club chair is a feat of refined simplicity and certain lightness of form. Inspired by the abandon of free jazz but cast in the spirit of functional m…

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Negative Space
aut. architektur und tirol, Innsbruck, 2023

The new concept is a step away from our other installations and relies tentatively on our experiences with scenography and theatrical transformation. It posits a generic domestic interior (room) wh…

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Teatro Real / Madrid, 2023

Composer: Giuseppe Verdi
Director: Miguel Del Arco
Scenography: Numen + Ivana Jonke
Assistant: Vanja Magic
Technical Production Manager: special thanks to Celeste Carrasco 

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Tape Bratislava
Old Market Hall, 01.06.-01.09.2023

The installation was envisaged as a site specific, parasitical structure invading an arbitrary location. The straight lines of main trajectories are stretched across a given area and these tendons …

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Producer: Prostoria 2021

Klaster is a flexible system of modular armchairs, comprising simple and minimalist cuboids with rounded horizontal lines and sharp verticals.
It consists of a total of 14 modules; 6 seats, 4 …

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Master and Margarita
National Theatre Budapest, 2021

Writer: Michail Bulgakow
Director: Aleksandar Popovski
Scenography: Numen + Ivana Jonke
Assistant: Dora Riederauer


Set design for the production of Master and Margari…

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Tape Wanås
Wanås Konst Sculpture Park, Sweden 07.05 - 04.09.22

Presenting the second biodegradable Tape installation, produced from a new organic material which was developed over the course of five years in collaboration with a German manufacturer of bioplast…

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Alice in Fearland
Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade 2022

Writer: Eva Mahkovic
Director: Aleksandar Popovski
Scenography: Numen + Vanja Magic

Inflatable structures are indispensable when attempting at grandeur with limited means. The maxima…

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Hotel Osmoliš
Brsečine / Dubrovnik, Croatia 2021

The interior design of Hotel Osmoliš conceptually followed up on the modernist concrete shell designed by architect Damir Vitković, retaining raw concrete as the key finish throughout the inner s…

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Producer: Prostoria 2019

Absent is a modular system combining various backrest heights with three different seat depths providing a fully customised lounging experience. The slightly rounded segment edges take on vibrant a…

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Net Prostoria
Meštrović Pavilion, Zagreb 25.09.-08.10.21

The Pavilion is an interactive communal sculpture (hammock) made of safety nets and fixed curved steel structure, with the ground-plan size of 14x14m and 4m total height.The concept and execution o…

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Producer: Prostoria 2021

The Jugo outdoor collection is reminiscent of the Mediterranean laid-back spirit evoking the need for hedonism. The collection is designed to contrast the rational and almost ascetic powder coate…

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Cullberg Dance Company, Stockholm 2021

Choreography: Jefta van Dinther
Scenography: Numen + Ivana Jonke
Sound design: David Kiers
Light design: Jonathan Winbo

Mountains is the first part of On Earth I'm Done, a fort…

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Tube Bratislava
Old Market Hall, 23.06. - 31.08.2021

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Fire Lookout and Scenic Viewpoint, National Park Mljet, Croatia 2020

Montokuc is the most prominent peak on the westernmost branch of the most forested Adriatic island of Mljet. It has always served as an optimal vantage point for observing almost the entire territo…

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Tape Des Moines
Des Moines Art Centre, I. M. Pei Building / Drawing in Space, 28.09.2017.-21.01.2018

Tape installation Des Moines, conceived and realized for the exhibition "Drawing in Space", is situated inside the extraordinary space of lower and upper I.M.Pei gallery, a masterpiece of high mode…

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Poljana Šibenik
Poljana square, Šibenik 2020

The urban canopy on the northern side of Poljana square in Sibenik spatially connects the two adjacent triangular entrances of the new underground garage while forming a visual and material barrier…

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String Bratislava
Biela noc, 27.- 29.09.2019, Bratislava, Slovakia

For the festival in Bratislava we have developed a new object whose rope thickness was extended to 8 mm in order to achieve a more durable, sturdier structure and to insure a smoother movement of v…

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Tape Moscow
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, “The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics 2030-2100”, 1.10.-1.12.2019

Presenting the first biodegradable Tape installation, produced from a new organic material which was developed over the course of five years in collaboration with a German manufacturer of bioplasti…

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Prostoria 2019

Layout is a modular system creating a soft interior landscape. Seamlessly interconnected seats and poufs generate a soft terrain of sloping surfaces conducive to relaxation, leisure and new ways of…

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Producer: Prostoria 2020

Bik is the chair reduced to its basic elements; four legs, seat and a backrest. Barely visible decrease of width of the legs, frontward inclination of the back legs and slightly overstated curvatur…

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Det Norske Teatret, Oslo 2018.

Writer: Miroslav Krleža
Director: Ivica Buljan
Scenography: Numen + Ivana Jonke

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Komische Oper, Staatsballett Berlin, 2017

Ballet: Nacho Duato
Music: Pedro Alcalde, Sergio Caballero, Richie Hawtin, Alva Noto and Mika Vainio
Scenography: Numen + Ivana Jonke

The starting point of research for the visual co…

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Tube Linz
Sinnesrausch, OK Center for Contemporary Art, Linz, 24. Mai – 13. Oktober 2019

Tube Linz is installed within the extraordinary open steel structure of the “voestalpine open space” - an annex built on the rooftop of OK Centre for Contemporary Art  in 2014, using high-bay…

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Net Rovinj
Hotel Amarin 2016 Rovinj, Croatia

The installation, nesting in the spacious niche within the lobby of Amarin hotel in Rovinj, is a hybrid of Net and Tuft concepts. A deep blue carpet, covering the floors and walls of the cubicle, b…

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Zukunft braucht Herkunft
Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe, 2019

The theme for this production was a celebratory commemoration of the 300th birthday of Baadisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe. The main conceptual line follows the historiography of destruction and reb…

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Tape Paris
Palais de Tokyo / Inside, 20.10.14.-11.01.15.

Tape Paris is a part of an extensive group exhibition titled "Inside", which has taken up residence in the Parisian Palais de Tokyo until January 2015.
The curatorial concept delves into the m…

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Producer: Prostoria 2017

Trifidae are a family of seats comprising three different armchairs which derive from a single typological and formal origin. Small armchair, high backrest armchair and the enclosing lounge chair a…

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National Opera, Sofia 2017

Composer: Richard Wagner
Conductor: Constantin Trinks
Director: Plamen Kartaloff
Scenography: Numen + Ivana Jonke

The main concept was to follow the mythical/ceremonial aspects …

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The Woman
Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb 2016

Writer: Josip Kosor
Director: Paolo Magelli
Scenography: Numen + Ivana Jonke

'The Woman' and 'In Café du Dôme', two novels by a Croatian expressionist Josip Kosor, written in the 1…

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Tube Merano
Art & Nature, Walking with Senses 24.03. – 05.06.2016., South Tyrol, Italy

The local curatorial team BAU invited us to participate in the second edition of “Art & Nature” titled Walking with Senses and held in Merano during the Spring Festival. The idea was to res…

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Void Seoul
Storage, Hyundai Card, 24.03.-16.07.17., South Korea

Void is sight-specific immersive, interactive installation. Considering the specific exhibition space, Void was constructed by suspension and side tension of flat sheets of technical textile. Ente…

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Tape Sao Paulo
Centro Cultural FIESP / File, 11.07.16.-28.08.16.

Photos by Camila Picolo and Numen/ForUse

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Tube London
Brewer Street Car Park, 16.-19.02.1019.

Tube London was installed as a part of a showcase called The Weave Project, completed in collaboration with the British fashion designer Anya Hindmarch for London Fashion Week.
It comprised 1,1…

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The Castle
Slovene National Theatre of Drama, Ljubljana 2015

Writer: Franz Kafka
Director: Janusz Kica
Scenography: Numen + Ivana Jonke


Borštnikov Scenography Award in 2015.

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Producer: Prostoria 2017

Osmo is a series of seating objects developed from the classic typology of chairs for terraces of hotels and restaurants along the Adriatic coast.The steel structure combined with wooden seat and b…

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Tube Innsbruck
aut. architektur und tirol 16.7.-10.10.15., Austria

Tube is a new installation concept constructed of stitched safety nets which assume a form of a closed hose that pulsates and oscillates in the longitudinal section. The object is suspended from su…

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Tuft Paris
Palais de Tokyo, Paris 2015.

Unrealised commission for a permanent installation in the basement area of Palais de Tokyo in Paris.
The task was to transform a space where the floor level opens into a vast and largely inacc…

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King Lear
Peiraios 260, Athens 2015

Writer: William Shakespeare
Director: Tomaž Pandur
Scenography: Numen + Ivana Jonke

The play was staged in the cental space of a former derelict industrial hall on the outskirts of …

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Producer: Prostoria 2014

When designing the Oblique family of products, we wanted to ensure a quality sitting experience for the user in a real soft armchair, but within minimal dimensions. It is these requirements that ha…

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