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Element is a furniture company founded by Numen/For Use in Croatia in 2005, acting in a joint-business partnership with a local design furniture retailer.

The underlying  aim was to create a platform where the group could work independently in the production of prototypes and models, without the pressure usually coming from the side of extrinsic manufacturers, furniture industry and, to an extent, the general market.

The main concept of ELEMENT™ collection relies on the exclusive use of an abundant Croatian feedstock - solid wood (FSC certified Slavonian oak) to achieve a high profile product at a fairly affordable price.

Radically simple and clean, almost ascetic design warrants a sustainable and fast production technique and methodology while revealing the natural markings and purity of the raw material. The inherent luxury of quality solid wood is emphasised through formal reduction and inner modesty of each piece.

The company is named ELEMENT™ precisely to highlight the elementary and basic aspect of its collection and bespoke items and the subdued merit of their formal understatement executed in first-grade feedstock.





Presentations / Showroom Zagreb, International Cologne Fair, Vienna Home

Text from the catalog


The Element furniture series has been conceived as a crossover between architecture and design, a range of objects of high-quality interior landscape, serving both as extensions of wall and floor tectonics and as free-standing objects occupying, colonizing, and domesticating space. 

They are basic artifacts without a single definition, the last step in architectural articulation and the first step in interior arrangement and organization. 

Because of its architectonic strength and elementary formal language, the Element series is flexible and especially pliant, enabling users to actively articulate a given space. Therefore, it can be seen both as a support and extension of architecture and as an independent formal element.

Design and detailing are derived from a basic idea (the use of solid wood for different furniture typologies) and brought to a high level of clarity and simplicity. 

Nature of material and rational execution are condensed in objects bearing characteristics of hard-edged aesthetics of geometrical minimalism, while their restraint and almost archetypal rudimentary character resemble arte povera

A considerable effort was made to achieve a wide product range covering numerous functions, with only the most elementary, logical and invisible joints.

From the newspaper holder to the bed, all products in this series of a wide dimensional and functional span are distinguished by exposed firmness and expressive materiality, which result in the effect of a strong form, avoiding any excess of trendy design, but remaining recognizable and impressive. 

Precisely because of its neutrality, but also its domination, the Element series goes well with other "designed" objects. Therefore, it can be seen as a special typology of "architectural supplement", a group of objects with concatenations that form the starting point of interior orchestration and choreography.

Maroje Mrduljas